The Team

Advisory Board


  • General Jeffrey Kendall

    Co-Founder and Vice President of Operations, #10000Strong. Jeff’s broad experience influences his drive to connect veterans and military families to purposeful and productive lives. Originally growing up as a US Navy brat, Jeff continued to value the benefits of strong military family support for the next 31+ years of active duty US Air Force life, finally transitioning to the private sector as a retired Brigadier General. Jeff honed his skills as a positive change agent, leading others through chaos under the stresses of combat, generating international solutions through diversity, and creating successful, high-performance teams. Recognizing the importance of bringing communities together through trusted relationships, Jeff co-founded #10000Strong with the express purpose of serving those who serve–an important way of giving back.


  • Colonel Ravi Chaudhary

    Dr. Ravi Chaudhary is the Director of Advanced Programs and Innovation, Office of Commercial Space Transportation (AST), at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Reporting directly to the Associate Administrator for Commercial Space, he is responsible for the execution of advanced development and research programs in support of the FAA's Commercial Space Transportation mission. The Directorate of Advanced programs includes the office of the Chief Engineer, providing technical leadership and performance-based oversight of AST's regulatory responsibilities for the Commercial Space Industry. He also leads all AST Research and Development activities, including the FAA's nationally recognized Center of Excellence in Commercial Space (COE CST), a consortium of ten different universities committed to cutting-edge research in the space field.


  • Tammy Schultz

    Dr. Tammy S. Schultz is the Director of the National Security and Joint Warfare and an Associate Professor of Strategic Studies at the United States Marine Corps War College. Dr. Schultz also conducts communication simulations at the State Department for Foreign Service Officers, and is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University's Security Studies Program. Previously, she was a Fellow at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). Prior to joining CNAS, she served as a Research Fellow and Director of Research and Policy at the U.S. Army's Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI). Dr. Schultz was also a Brookings Institution Research Fellow from 2003 to 2004. Dr. Schultz graduated summa cum laude from Regis University in Political Science and English in 1995, and then attended Victoria University in New Zealand on a Rotary Fellowship, receiving a M.A. degree with distinction in 1999. While attending Victoria University, Dr. Schultz worked in the U.S. Embassy's political division in Wellington. Her thesis focused on the new terrorist threat that included al-Qaeda, which she continued to study while at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at the Johns Hopkins University as an Olin Foundation and Philip Merrill Fellow. She received her Ph.D. from Georgetown University in 2005. Dr. Schultz has been published in The Washington Post and Defense News, among other publications, and is frequently quoted on defense and national security issues. She is a term member of the Council of Foreign Relations, a member of Women in International Security, and a principal in the Truman National Security Project.


  • Brian Song

    After serving on active duty in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Corps, Brian Song has continued his military service in the Army Reserve, where he holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Brian advised the chief counsel, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and senior Army leadership on issues related to government contracting, military construction, military justice and operational issues in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2003, Brian deployed to Iraq where he served as the executive officer and legal advisor to the director of the Program Management Office, Coalition Provisional Authority, which oversaw Iraqi reconstruction projects. As a reservist, he currently serves with the U.S. Army Defense Appellate Division at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Brian applies the leadership lessons he learned in the Army to his civilian legal practice.


  • Indy Samra

    Indy Samra is a Private Wealth Advisor and Financial Market Commentator with Samra Wealth Management.  His work with select families and businesses covers a full range of issues related to wealth management, including investment strategy and portfolio construction, trust & estate, taxation and philanthropy, as well as insurance planning.


    Prior to founding Samra Wealth Management in 2016, Indy was a Financial Advisor with a premiere wealth management team with Merrill Lynch, where his practice focused on working with wealthy families. Previously, Indy was a Private Client Banker with J. P. Morgan, where he managed client relationships with affluent and well-known public figures.


    Indy received a Master of Business Administration from the University of Liverpool.  Indy also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from California State University, Sacramento.


    During his free time, Indy and his wife, Dr. Jenan Agnihotri enjoy traveling, Skiing, Golf, and spending time with their infant daughter, Sophia.  Indy is a member of the Punjabi Chamber of Commerce and part of the leadership team with the Sikh American Chamber of Commerce, where his efforts support minority owned businesses and the mentoring of future generations.


  • Nayyera Haq

    Nayyera Haq  (NAY-yer-uh Huck) is a SiriusXM talk-show host, popular television commentator, and CEO of an international public affairs firm. She leads AM and PM drive time talk conversations in response to breaking news, helping listeners around the country understand the political and social currents of the moment. Nayyera’s insights and personal appeal has made her a popular television guest of hosts such as HBO’s Bill Maher, Brian Williams, Chris Matthews, and Joy Reid. Her insights appeal to a broad audience, which has resulted in her work being published in outlets as varied as, Refinery 29, and The Root. Nayyera previously served as a Senior Director in the White House and the State Department, advising our nation’s top leaders on issues of international security and diplomacy.


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